Instruments Realize your musical ideas with Reason’s arsenal of instruments. Add, play, tweak, combine and mix as many of each as you can possibly want.


Beats and loops

For many, beats isn’t just a part of their music. The beat is the music! And Reason has the machines to build the beat you want.

  • Kong Drum Designer
    16 pads of complete inspiration. Use samples, synthesis, physical modeling and effects to build the drum machine of your dreams.

  • Redrum Drum Computer
    Reason’s drum machine. If you like the classic pattern based machines from the 80s, then this one is for you.

  • Dr. Octo Rex Loop Player
    Vielseitiger und flexibler Loop-Player, der aus statischen Loops spielbare Musikinstrumente macht.

Creative playing

The Player devices adds scale-awareness, chord memory, arpeggios and more to the other Reason instruments. Try them out for instant inspiration.

  • Scales & Chords
    Use it to stay always in key, or use its one-finger chords to explore rich harmonic options that you might not have thought about.

  • Dual Arpeggio
    Create flowing arpeggio lines with these two powerful polyphonic, pattern based arpeggiators.

  • Note Echo
    This unit can create interesting effects with pitch and time: Strumming, glissandos, chord stabs and much more.

Samples for playing and tweaking

Sample your own sounds or tap into Reason's huge huge collection of sampled instruments in every conceivable category.

  • Klang Tuned Percussion
    Glockenspiel, Spieldose, Weingläser und eine ganze Menge mehr. Großartig geeignet, Deinen Produktionen einen noch natürlicheren Touch zu verleihen.

  • Pangea Welt-Instrument
    Gezupft, gepumpt, geblasen oder geschrammelt, diese Instrumente erweitern jeden Musikstil um eine neue Dimension.

  • Humana Vocal Ensemble
    Gib Deiner Musik menschliche Wärme durch Humanas Auswahl von Chören und Solostimmen.

  • Radical Piano
    The premise is simple. The results are stunning. We’ll give you three basic pianos paired with the technology to make an infinite number of your own.

  • NN-XT Advanced Sampler
    Spiele Gigabytes fetter und komplexer Multi-Layer-Instrumente aus der Reason-Soundbank oder sample selbst und baue Dir Deine eigenen!

  • NN-19 Sampler
    Schnell und einfach bedienbarer Sampler mit intuitiver Bedienung und vielen Echtzeitmodulationsfähigkeiten.

  • ID-8 Instrument-Device
    Der beste Freund des Songschreibers. Wenn Du gerade mal blitzschnell auf Deine meist verwendeten Instrumente zugreifen willst, ist das ID-8-Gerät sofort für Dich da.

Extending your instrument rack

Want even more instruments? With the Rack Extension technology the Reason rack opens up to third party developers too. Propellerhead and leading third party developers offers a great selection of instruments as add-ons to your Reason rack. Have a look in the Propellerhead Shop to see what's on display.

  • Rack Extensions
    Add-on instruments and effects from Propellerhead and third party developers.

All your other synths too!

Include your MIDI synths in your music making. Reason’s External MIDI Instrument will play all your MIDI synths, beatboxes and whatnot from Reason's sequencer and control your external MIDI gear with the full automation that Reason users have come to expect.

Creative Control

Reason’s rack is an extremely flexible environment to create just the sound your music needs. Here are more ways to combine and evolve sounds.

  • Combinator
    Combine, layer and mix instruments and effects to create rich, production-ready and performance-friendly sounds that can be loaded up in an instant.

  • RPG-8
    Ein klassischer, monophoner Arpeggiator mit einigen kreativen Optionen zum Erzeugen von Arpeggio-Melodielinien aus Akkorden, die Du spielst.