Players Set your creativity free and let the Players tease out ideas you didn’t know you had.

Players are performance devices that plug straight into the rack and adds a new dimension to your existing Reason instruments. Whether you’re a trained musician or a beginner, the players can help you achieve sounds and styles you may not have thought of.

Scales & Chords

Add scale awareness to your instruments with Scales & Chords. Select your key and scale from a list of common and not-so-common scales and your playing will always be in key. Turn on the chords button and have Reason add one finger chord magic that fits right with your music. With controls for chord coloring, number of notes, inversion and more,you have a very helpful harmonic tool at your disposal.

Note Echo

The name pretty much sums it up: an echo for notes. But since this acts on your note input, not on your instruments output, as a regular delay would, Note Echo can do some magic to your playing. With its note offset per step, it can create strumming effects, odd melody lines, static chords and much more.

Dual Arpeggio

A classic arpeggiator turns your chord playing into fast-paced melody lines, usually going up & down the chord notes. Dual arpeggio can do that, and a whole lot more. Twice. It has two independent arpeggiators, each with separate play modes, settings to length and velocity steps. But perhaps the coolest part is the pattern section that turns your chords into rapid-fire polyphonic patterns in ways that other arpeggiators don’t.

The power of three

Unlock the real power of the Player devices by combining them. Route jazzy one-finger chords from Scales & Chords into Dual Arpeggio. Or run your Note Echo delayed and transposed notes into Scales & Chords for a wash of notes, all in key.

Hear the New Players in Action! (Facebook Live Stream Archive) 1:09:28

Want to learn more?

If you want to learn all there is to learns about the Player devices, check out this archived Live Stream where Ryan Harlin and Mattias Häggström Gerdt go deep with the Players.