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Welcome to the Reason ReFill archive.

This is where you will find ReFills packed with new sounds for your Reason system.

Commercial ReFill demos

These are demo download versions of commercial ReFill products.

Trip Hop Aroma

Progressive Bits

Electro Sting

Electrolyzium 3

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Free ReFills

These are free ReFill downloads from the Reason user community. Enjoy!



eXode - The Reason Toolbox

Thor FM - 1st Series

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Propellerhead ReFills

With Reason Soul School, Propellerhead Software's funk flavored ReFill, the soulful sound of the 60's and 70's is up for grabs. You won't find grooves rarer than these. Reason Soul School
The Reason Electric Bass ReFill puts eight fully playable electric bass guitars into your Reason rack. Reason Electric Bass.
A drum kit and loop library from Jason McGerr, drummer for Death Cab for Cutie. Jason McGerr Sessions
The Salazar Brothers Reggaeton ReFill is your gateway to the sound of that floor shaking Bomba-Reggae-Hiphop hybrid they call Reggaeton.

The Salazar Brothers Reggaeton ReFill

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Reason Essentials Users

Please note, these ReFills are primarily made for the full version of Reason. This means that some devices that are not available in Reason Essentials might be represented in a ReFill. As a Reason Essentials users, you can open all patches compatible with the devices in Reason Essentials (Subtractor, Redrum etc.) but any other content will not be available. If you download a demo for a third party ReFill, please check with the creator of the ReFill whether it's fully compatible with Reason Essentials before purchasing.