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What do Love Me Do, Take Care, Dancing Queen and Harder Better Faster Stronger all have in common? The musicians who made these now-classic songs figured out that their best music came through collaboration.

Starting today, we are launching a new service to collaborate on music making. Ideas started in Figure can be opened and sung over in Take. Take songs can be further developed with Reason’s full suite of instruments and effects. Reason songs can be shared to Take for songwriting and collaboration with mobile musicians. Nobody has to go it alone, if they don’t want to. And no app is a dead end.

Visit Discover to browse feeds of music by you & others, ready to use in your own songs.

We can’t create tomorrow’s tools for music making without involving musicians. That’s why the service is making its debut as an early beta. These are our first steps, and we hope to learn from those of you using the service; what you need, what works and what doesn’t.

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Now in beta, Propellerhead Discover is the central feed of new musical ideas ready to inspire. One click to open something interesting that you want to include in your own music and one click to add your own contribution.

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The full power of Reason’s instruments, effects, and Rack Extensions means limitless possibilities for your music. Share your ideas on Discover or with friends using Reason, Figure or Take. Reason 8.1 is a free update for all Reason 8 owners that can drop music directly to Propellerhead.

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Sing, strum, tap, or clap. Record your own songs backed by Take’s built in backing tracks or any song you find on Propellerhead Discover. Share your songs secretly or with the world, and others can pick up on your work in Take or Reason.


Tap out beats, bass, and lead melodies with one finger. Start your songs in Figure with its unique rhythm wheels and tweakable effects. Share your beats and pick up your work in Reason or in Take. Or let someone else be inspired by what you have started.