NN-XT Advanced Sampler
The NN-XT is a highly advanced sampler with an impressive list of features and functions to it. Where the NN-19 is a "fast-track" sampler, this machine is for your more demanding sampling tasks. The NN-XT is bursting with detailed programming options, but comes with an intuitive user interface, making it the perfect tool for both sound design and life-like instrument emulation.

The NN-XT is packed with useful features to help you build your own stunningly realistic instrument patches: alternate sample playback, auto-pitch detection, zones with individual parameters and much more. But don't think for a minute that instrument emulation is all this thing is good for - the filters, the envelopes and the tempo syncable LFOs let you perform some crazy tricks on whatever material you put in there.

All in all, the NN-XT is probably one of the most flexible samplers around, and when we say probably, we mean definitely.

Inside the NN-XT

Ready to dig into the programs and patches? One click pulls out the handy programming module and gives you access to all the options:

Editing a Zone

To select one or more zones for editing, simply click on them. All the parameters in the edit module are now affecting the selected zone, providing full control over everything from key range and loop points to modulation wheel behavior and filtering. Too easy.

Layers and Velocity Crossfades

This is where it gets good. Zones with overlapping keyranges are automatically layered onto each other, and there's no limit to how complex a layered sound can be. For velocity switching, simply change the velocity range for the overlapping zones, and for some velocity crossfading, just adjust the fade in and out parameters or let the NN-XT do it for you. Easy does it.

Automatic Pitch Detection

Apart from Loading and automatically mapping your Aiff and Wav files, the NN-XT can offer another helping hand: Automatic pitch detection. The NN-XT simply identifies the root note of each of the samples in a collection and automatically maps it in the most intelligent way. Who said sampling had to be difficult?

Alternating Zones

Programming a realistic emulation of an instrument is no picnic. Many acoustic instruments sound distinctly different for every note played, and sometimes you need to be able to alternate between two playing styles. Enter the NN-XT. Our sophisticated sampler's "Alternate" function solves the problem automatically. By randomly alternating between samples whenever the same key is played repeatedly, the NN-XT makes sure the same sample is never triggered twice in a row. The result is added realism. And the process is as easy as it is automatic.

The Back

No Reason device is complete without CV and Gate inputs and outputs on the back. And the NN-XT is no exception. This makes Reason's samplers the only sampling instruments around that can be controlled in the same way as analogue synths. And with a total of 16 audio output channels, there should be plenty of scope for further external processing.

Live Sampling 101 6:01

Becoming an NN-XT Super User 9:56

Sample Your House - Part 1 38:48