PolyStep Sequencer

Create, jam and perform music in ways you’ve never tried before with PolyStep Sequencer-an evolved polyphonic step sequencer for your Reason Rack.

Create sequences by drawing in notes, record in real time or record with step input and then let the magic begin. Transpose your sequences in real-time from MIDI input, always in scale. Grab single notes and drag them in the horizontal or vertical to create boxes. Boxes that transform into chords, repeats, arpeggios or strumming. Create up to four variations of each pattern switch between them manually, randomly or in sequence.

For the detail-minded, each note has separate properties. You can set basic values like pitch and velocity, but also go deeper with probability, timing offset, legato and more. And if you have dragged notes in your sequence to create boxes, the properties will allow you to set repeats, chord density, alternate voicings as well as settings for arpeggio or strum.

PolyStep Sequencer can be a straight-up polyphonic pattern sequencer, a jam-friendly phrase sequencer, a song writer’s harmonic exploration tool or just about whatever you want it to be. Get started today!


  • Polyphonic step sequencer with real-time, step time or graphical input
  • Scale-aware playback means no off-scale notes (unless you want it)
  • Jam and improvise dynamic arrangements with four evolving variation states
  • Explore chord progressions and chord structures by turning single notes into chords of varying complexity
  • Two CV tracks to control parameters on the instruments you are playing
  • Eight patterns, each with four variations
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Propellerhead PolyStep Sequencer Demo Sounds

Rack Extension Features:

Enter notes by drawing, realtime recording or with step input.

Keep the sequence in the key and scale of your choice, or choose full chromatic freedom.

Eight automatable patterns, each with four variations.

Have patterns play back with the main sequencer, or triggered from your MIDI keyboard, with realtime transpose.

Per-step velocity control plus two separate CV sequencer lanes, for parameter control in sync with your sequences.

Record variation changes on the fly or chain together varations with the Auto Switch function.

Lots of functions for manipulating and managing your notes, variations and patterns.

Turn your notes into boxes for chords, repeats, arpeggios or strums. Drag in the display or use the parameters below for precision editing.

Propellerhead PolyStep Sequencer Operation Manual

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