Reason Electric Bass

Everything you need to easily create believable basslines in Reason.

Reason Electric Bass is a powerful Rack Extension that delivers everything you need to easily create dynamic, responsive, believable bass lines in Reason.

Quickly find the right sound with an arsenal of eight meticulously sampled vintage and contemporary electric bass guitars. Choose from 50 presets for modern funk, classic rock and experimental bass, or create your own custom signal chains using analog modeled amplifiers, cabs, and microphones. Select between picked or finger-style performances, balance between bridge and neck pickups, and blend between DI and amp signals to create the perfect tone for any song. Add depth and dimension to your tone using four custom-made stomp-boxes—including EQ, compression, distortion and chorus effects.

The intuitive and easy-to-use interface is tailor-made for keyboard play—create natural sounding riffs, licks and fills with advanced dynamics and articulation in seconds. Instantly bring life to your basslines with dedicated expression controls for sampled ghost notes, fret noise and glissandos. Reason Electric Bass is the ultimate tool for laying down the low-end in Reason—guaranteed to get your feet moving, whatever your genre.


  • Eight classic bass instruments in one Rack Extension—including the Fender Jazz and Precision, Rickenbacker, Les Paul and more
  • Intuitive interface with advanced dynamics and dedicated expression controls for articulation
  • Four custom stomp-boxes including EQ, Compression, Distortion and Chorus effects designed for bass processing
  • Analog modeled amplifier capable of processing and reamping the sound
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Reason Electric Bass Demo Sounds

Rack Extension Features:

DI/AMP slider
Controls the mix amount between the DI and re amped signals.

Master volume output.

Bass menu
Select from eight different electric bass guitars. Chose between picked or finger-style playing, and dial in the perfect balance between the bridge and neck pickups.

AMP/MIC menu
Select from eight legendary amp and mic combinations.

Assign which keys trigger hammer-ons and glissandos. Introduce random articulation for more realistic performances. Use the mod wheel to adjust the play style from muted to sustained.

Show stomp & reamp
Open up the hood and dial in the perfect settings for EQ, compression, distortion and chorus effects—each with their own unique controls. Reconfigure the signal flow with the REAMP icons. Fine-tune your sound with the amp’s tone controls.

Reason Electric Bass Operation Manual

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