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Reason 10 La mayor actualización, jamás vista.

New in Reason 10

Un equipo y sonidos nuevos que allanan el camino de la música más innovadora. Reason 10 está aquí y viene cargado de sintetizadores, instrumentos, samples y mucho más. Grain y Europa: dos increíbles sintetizadores de último modelo. Klang Tuned Percussion, Pangea World Instruments, Humana Vocal Ensemble: tres nuevos dispositivos de instrumentos orgánicos y con sonido en directo. Radical Piano: un piano acústico de primer nivel. Synchronous: un innovador dispositivo de modulación. Loop Supply y Drum Supply: una inyección de multitud de gigas de bucles y samples punteros para la percusión.

Bring your ideas to life faster with new, highly requested features for a more streamlined workflow. Making music is easier than ever with Multi Lane Editing for MIDI—perfect for building drumbeats on separate lanes or working with melodies and chords. Sequence tracks with lightning speed using the new snap to grid feature and improved navigation controls. Bring your ideas to life faster with Reason 10.

Reason 10 está aquí. Consigue Reason hoy mismo y empieza a componer música.

Nuevos Instrumentos

Europa Shapeshifting Synthesizer

Desde una enorme cantidad de zumbidos de sierra hasta brillantes exploraciones sonoras chillonas, el nuevo sintetizador bestial de Reason cubre todas tus necesidades.

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Grain Sample Manipulator

Carga cualquier sampler en Grain y explora el sonido abstracto y expresivo de la síntesis granular.

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Reason Compact puts Reason’s flagship Europa synthesizer right at your fingertips.
Get started for free, then add new sounds and more controls whenever you’re ready.

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Nuevos instrumentos de sample

Reason 10 incorpora tres conjuntos de instrumentos orgánicos de último modelo en tu rack de Reason. Elaborados por expertos conjuntamente con los especialistas en samples de Soundiron, estos tres nuevos dispositivos aportan una riqueza instrumental con un sonido natural e inspirador a tus composiciones.

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Klang Tuned Percussion:
Una serie de instrumentos de percusión sintonizados

Glockenspiel, Music Box, Wineglasses y muchos más son perfectos para añadir una dimensión orgánica a tu trabajo.

Pangea World Instruments:
Los sonidos del planeta Tierra

Ya sea punteando, soplando o rasgando, estos instrumentos añaden una nueva dimensión a cualquier estilo de música.

Humana Vocal Ensemble:
Instrumento vocal y coros

Aporta a tu música un toque humano con el sonido de la selección de coros y solos de Humana.

Más sonidos, más inspiración

Loop Supply & Drum Supply
Una enorme fuente de inspiración

Actualiza tu música con esta inyección de multitud de gigas de bucles y samples punteros elaborados para ofrecer sonidos electrónicos, pop y de hip hop a la última moda.

Radical Piano
Piano acústico avanzado

Pianos únicos y realistas basados en una combinación a medida entre tecnología de sampling y algoritmos de modelado físicos.

Synchronous Effects Modulator
Modulador de efectos temporizado

Da vida a tu música con los efectos de modulación de Synchronous.

Workflow improvements

Multi Lane Editing for MIDI

View and edit multiple MIDI lanes simultaneously with Multi Lane Editing—perfect for building drumbeats on separate lanes or working with melodies and chords.

Adaptive snap to grid mode

Sequence tracks with lightning speed using an adaptive grid that adjusts based on your zoom level. Zoom out to adjust the big picture or zoom in to fine-tune the tiniest of details.

Improved navigation controls

Spend less time clicking and more time creating with improved navigation controls—adjust faders, solo and mute across multiple mix channels at once, quickly route audio outputs to new mix channels and return the play cursor to its last start position on stop.

Easy MIDI inputs

Capture your ideas when inspiration strikes with new Easy MIDI Inputs that automatically detect new MIDI control surfaces—no set up needed.

Tutorial Area

Get started and learn the basics of Reason with the new quick-start Tutorial Area.

Preguntas más frecuentes de Reason

  • What are the system requirements for Reason 10?
    To run Reason you need:

    Mac OS X

    • Fast, stable internet connection for installation and registration
    • Intel Mac with multi-core processor
    • 4 GB RAM (8 GB or more recommended for large ReFills or Rack Extensions)
    • 4 GB free system disk space required, plus 8 GB for optional content. Additionally, program may use up to 20 GB scratch disk space.
    • Mac OS X 10.7 or later (64-bit)
    • Monitor with at least 1280x768 resolution
    • CoreAudio compliant audio interface or built-in audio hardware
    • MIDI interface and a MIDI keyboard recommended


    • Fast, stable internet connection for installation and registration required!
    • Intel or AMD processor with dual cores
    • 4 GB RAM (8 GB or more recommended for large ReFills or Rack Extensions)
    • 4 GB free system disk space (program may use up to 20 GB scratch disk space)
    • Windows 7 or later (64-bit)
    • Monitor with at least 1280x768 resolution
    • Audio Interface with ASIO driver
    • MIDI interface and a MIDI keyboard recommended

    For recommended system specifications, please go here.

  • I am a Reason owner already. What are my upgrade options?
    You can upgrade from any previous version of Reason to Reason 10 for $129 / €129.

  • Does Reason 10 have copy protection? How does it work?
    Just as for previous versions, Reason 10 can be authorized in several different ways:

    • USB Ignition Key
    • Balance Interface
    • Internet Verification

    In Reason 7 and Reason Essentials 2 we added a fourth way of authorizing the software. You can add your Reason, Reason Essentials and Rack Extension licenses to a single computer, for offline use. This way you can use Reason without being connected to the Internet, or without a USB port taken up by the key. You will still be able to keep your license on a USB key, too, if you have one, as well as use Internet Verification, if you have several computers you use Reason on. A USB Ignition Key is not included with Reason or Reason Essentials software, but for those that need one it is available for separate purchase from the Propellerhead web shop.

  • Where do I get Rack Extensions?
    All Rack Extensions are tried or purchased from the Propellerhead Shop.

  • Is there a demo of "Rack Extension X" available?
    Yes, you can try each Rack Extension for 30 days to see how it works for you! Please note that this only works if you have a full version of Reason 6.5 or Reason Essentials 1.5 and an active Internet connection.

  • Will Rack Extensions affect the performance of Reason?
    Rack Extensions are all different, how much of your system resources they will use varies greatly. You can try each Rack Extension for 30 days to see how it works for you!

  • I prefer not to connect my computer to the Internet, can I still use Rack Extensions?
    Rack Extensions does require active Internet connection at least once, when you access the Propellerhead Shop and install the Rack Extensions on your machine. However, after installation it's possible to put your Rack Extension licenses on your Ignition Key and run them without an Internet connection.

  • What happens if I send my song file that uses Rack Extensions to my friend who doesn't have those Rack Extensions?
    When your friend opens the song file they will get a notification that this song uses Rack Extensions they do not have and will be presented with two options. Either they open the song anyway or they get redirected to the relevant Rack Extensions in the Propellerhead Shop. They can then choose to try it for 30 days or purchase it right away. In any case, the song can still be opened normally and any Rack Extensions they don't own will be replaced by a placeholder that can redirect you to the Propellerhead Shop to try or purchase the Rack Extension.

  • Is ReWire 64-bit too?
    Just as the current version of Reason is 64-bit, ReWire is too. Note that 64-bit ReWire needs to be implemented in both the slave application (Reason) and your host. Please contact the manufacturer of your ReWire host of choice for compatibility information.

  • Where can I get Reason?
    Please see the buy page for full purchase information.

  • Is there a demo version of Reason?
    Yes! Please visit the Try Reason page. The demo version of Reason is fully functional and has all the content of the full version, the only limitation is that you can't open song files, export them to audio or use Rack Extensions.

  • Can I open my old Reason/Record song files in the latest version of Reason?
    Absolutely! Reason is 100% compatible with your older Reason and Record song files.

  • Do I need a MIDI keyboard to use Reason?
    You don't absolutely need one, but we recommend using one for the best possible Reason experience. If you don't have one, the on-screen keyboard (accessible by pressing F4) lets you play the instruments with your computer mouse or computer keyboard.

  • Does Reason 10 support VST plugins?
    Yes. Reason 10 and Reason Essentials 10 supports VST2, 64-bit plugins.

  • Do you have a not so frequently asked question?
    You can always ask us at our facebook page or tweet us your question.