Free Upgrade to Reason 9

Anyone who bought a qualifying Reason purchase on or after May 1st 2016 is eligible for a free upgrade to Reason 9 once it’s released on June 21st. Below you can find all the details.

What is a qualifying purchase?
Buy a new, unregistered copy of any of these products to automatically get a free upgrade to Reason 9:

  • Reason 8
  • Reason 8 upgrade
  • Reason 8 upgrade from Reason Essentials / Adapted / Limited
  • Reason 8 Student/Teacher version
  • Reason 8 Educational multi-licenses *

Please note, there is no free upgrade for Reason Essentials.

Available Upgrades

Check the table below to find out what version of the Reason upgrade is available for you.

Bought and registered May 1st, 2016 or later Will get after release
Reason 8 Full version or Student/Teacher Reason 9 download
Reason 8 Upgrade
Reason 8 for Limited/Adapted/Essential owners
Reason 8 EDU Five User License Reason 9 EDU Five User License*
Reason 8 EDU Ten User License Reason 9 EDU Ten User License*

* For EDU multi licenses, please contact Propellerhead for assistance with your free upgrade