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Dive right in with an easy to use virtual studio filled with premium synths, sampled instruments, effects and sounds. What music will you create?

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Turn your ideas into music with Reason’s arsenal of instruments. Play, tweak, mix and combine as many of each as you can possibly want.

  • Europa


    Shapeshifting Synthesizer
    From stacks of buzzing sawtooths to shimmering sonic explorations, Reason’s new monster synth has you covered.
    Learn more about Europa.

  • Thor


    Polysonic Synthesizer
    Semi-modular instrument with God-like synthesis power. Mix and match from 50 years of synth history.

  • Subtractor


    Analog Synthesizer
    Reason’s classic analog synthesizer is the go-to instrument for quick and easy synth sounds.

  • Players


    Creative Performance Utilites
    Add Players to your Reason instrument and shape your playing with chords, scales, arpeggios and more.

  • Kong


    Drum Designer
    16 pads of complete inspiration. Use samples, synthesis, physical modeling and effects to build the drum machine of your dreams.

  • Redrum


    Pattern Based Drum Machine
    Reason’s drum machine. If you like the classic pattern based drum machines from the 80s, then this one is for you.

  • Dr. Octo Rex

    Dr. Octo Rex

    Loop Player
    Versatile and flexible loop player that turns static loops into playable musical instruments.

  • NN-XT


    Advanced Sampler
    Play gigabytes of rich and complex, multi-layered instruments from the Reason sound bank. Or sample and build your own!

  • NN-19


    Sampler Instrument
    Quick and easy sampler with an intuitive workflow and plenty of real-time modulation capabilities.

  • ID-8


    Instrument Device
    A songwriter’s best friend. When all you need is quick access to your most used instruments, ID 8 is there for you.

  • RPG-8


    A classic, monophonic arpeggiator with some creative twists to create arpeggiated melody lines from the chords you are playing.

  • Matrix


    Modular synth-type sequencer that you can use to control just about anything you can imagine. Play basslines, sequence filter sweeps, control panning.

  • Combinator


    Combine, layer and mix instruments and effects to create rich, production-ready and performance-friendly sounds.


From subtle touch to outright sonic mayhem – color your music with Reason’s broad selection of effects.

  • RV7000 MkII Advanced Reverb

    RV7000 MkII Advanced Reverb

    Sophisticated yet easy to use with multiple reverb models, including an advanced Impulse Response reverb.

  • MClass Mastering Suite

    MClass Mastering Suite

    Polish your sound to perfection with the MClass professional mastering units. Use on individual sounds or your entire mix.

  • Scream 4 Sound Destruction Unit

    Scream 4 Sound Destruction Unit

    A multimode sound mangling effect that will do anything from gentle tape compression to full-on sonic mayhem.

  • Pulsar


    A CV modulation effect that uses its two LFOs to control parameters in Reason’s other instruments and effects.

  • Audiomatic Retro Transformer

    Audiomatic Retro Transformer

    Apply your desired flavor of yesterday to your music. VHS, Vinyl, Tape and many more - take your pick!

  • Softube Guitar Amp

    Softube Guitar Amp

    Oozing with attitude and featuring a fistful of amp and cabinet models, this is one amp that will never let your down.

  • Softube Bass Amp

    Softube Bass Amp

    Clean solid lows? Nasal presence? Wildly distorted? Whatever sound you're after, Bass Amp can deliver.


Reason Lite comes with a powerful sound bank with tons of sounds to get you going with your music making.

  • 2+ GB of sounds
  • 2400 loops
  • 8000 samples
  • 6600 instrument and effect patches

Reason’s workflow

Just like the real thing

Reason’s interface looks and works just like physical music equipment in a massive studio rack. So while you’re working away on your next song, you also learn music production. You can even flip the rack around and re-route any connection to your liking.

  • Recording

    Record your vocal or instrument performances with ease in Reason’s audio sequencer. Just plug in your guitar or mic and record. Reason’s easy to use editing tools will help you get everything right.

  • Sequencing

    Record and program MIDI and automation, tweak and tune until your inner perfectionist is satisfied. Reason’s fast and lean creative flow won’t get in your way.

  • Power of 8

    With Reason Lite you can record and sequence up to eight tracks. If your projects gets bigger than that, you can upgrade to the full version of Reason with unlimited tracks and much more at a discounted upgrade price.

  • Expand your palette

    Use your favorite plugins with Reason Lite. Add any VST instrument or effect, or explore the world of Rack Extensions–plugins tailor-made for the Reason Rack.

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