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Ambient House Visions


Ambient House Visions


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Get lost in the melodic, emotive, introspective and expansive world of Ambient House Visions: 1.2GB of kaleidoscopic inspiration merging organic house, melodic tech-house and woozy electronica. Expertly produced with an array of electronic and live sources this one is a classic in the making!

Ranging from atmospheric introspection to expansive euphoria, Ambient House Visions is a deeply melodic collection that will move both body and mind. Crafted from a mix of classic analogue sources, warm live instrumentation and found-sound manipulation, this collection seamlessly fuses elements of house, lo-fi electronica and melodic tech-house to stunning effect.

Packed with evolving arpeggios, dusty drum machine grooves, driven analogue basslines, deep polyphonic chords, lush synth motifs, shuffling lo-fi percussive grooves and emotive vocal elements, this collection is brimming with inspirational loops, hits and MIDI for deep, melodic, organic-infused house, tech and electronica.

Product details

Drums > From deep house to slow-burn techno: intricate tribal-laced 4/4 grooves, stripped-back machine-driven rhythms and dusty lo-fi beats served at 120bpm with stripped-out stems for easy drum arrangement.

Bass > Driving analogue mono-runs, punchy subs, fat FM tones and raw low-end oscillations to underpin any track. Each loop comes with a MIDI variant for maximum sonic control.

Synths > Melodic chimes, evolving poly leads, plucked synth progressions and subliminal synth bleeps. All key-labeled and offered with a MIDI version as standard.

Arpeggios > Exquisite analogue arpeggios laced with emotional energy. From the dark and driving to the deep and dreamy, these arp loops are dripping with melodic inspiration. All loops are key-labeled and offered with MIDI as standard.

Melodic Cuts > Melancholic and introspective: processed synth washes, lo-fi chord loops, ethereal pads, atmospheric melodic textures and soaring synth elements for instant emotive melodics.

Percussion > Shuffling and syncopated percussion loops laced with drum machine shots, found-sound hits and live drum samples. From shuffling shakers and processed organic instrumentation to classic machine rhythms, these loops bring groove in abundance.

Vocals > Haunting vocal elements expertly processed with reverbs and delays to add a emotive, haunting quality to your tracks. Key-labeled as standard and tempo-synced at 120bpm for maximum ease of use.

FX > An array of ambient FX texture loops (vinyl crackle, field recordings, tape hiss, running water), sonic soundscapes (alien transmissions, modular freakouts, glitch synth explorations, weird drones), epic one-shot impacts and and tempo-synced risers.

Drum Hits > Solid analogue kicks, crunchy claps, forward and reverse cymbals, varied percussion, lo-fi hats and snares.

Melodic Shots > Cache of rich, warm and lovingly degraded synth and chord shots.