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Roots meets afterhours in this epic collision of dub, electronica and trip-hop winding through lush cinematic atmospheres to downtempo bass workouts.

This hazy collection of heady grooves spans over 600MB of rich modulating pads, nostalgia-inducing music loops, sub-booming bass and much more - all processed and recorded through vintage pres and mics spanning the LA-610 Mic Pre, Neumann TLM 103 and ART Pro-VLA II for guaranteed authenticity and inspiration.

Product details

Atmosphere and Textures > Spacially complex, gritty and dense, 27 beds ideal for giving depth to classic or experimental dub productions.

Bass Loops > Subby, twisted and evolving sounds. Thick, dirty bass loops from analogue classics like the Dave Smith Mopho x4, Roland Juno 106 and Arturia Minibrute and live-bass renditions from the Vintage P Bass.

Drum Hits > Live organic hits, sizzling noisy hats and processed machine-snaps. Comes with 3 custom programmed kits for all modern samplers.

Drum Loops > 150+ lo-fi swung beats, echo-plate riddims, shuffling cymbals and much more. Equal parts non-quantised beat programming and click-centric machine vibes. Served with stripped variants where appropriate.

FX and Transition Loops > Synthetic drips, noisy build-ups and ambient arps from classic electronica and contemporary dub. 36 loops ideal for connecting ideas and musical concepts.

Music Loops > Intense melodic sequences, polyphonic bliss and chopped up digital melodics, key and tempo-labelled for your convenience. Served with MIDI as standard where appropriate.

Pad Loops > Rendered from the Arturia SC-80V and Prophet 5 these tape-processed, richly textured and harmonically diverse pad loops all come key-labelled and with relevant MIDI.