Hollywood Film Strings Elite

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Hollywood Film Strings Elite


Hollywood Film Strings Elite

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474 megabytes of beautifully articulated film strings. Meticulously sampled, mapped and created for the serious film/music producers that demand the highest quality, detailed strings for commercial productions.

Product details

The included sound bank of Combinator instruments have large reverbs, brilliant stereo imaging and subtle echoes pre-wired, with adjustable FX knobs and on\off voice buttons for easy tweakability. A look-ahead mastering limiter/maximizer is also included and pre-wired at the end of every FX chain for a mastered, full, distortion-free experience.


  • 128 Orchestral Combinator patches
  • 105 Orchestral NN-XT Advanced Sampler base patches
  • 827 samples
  • 1.62 gigabytes of samples before refill compression
  • 474 megabytes after refill compression