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Indie Pop


Indie Pop

  • • Indie-dance extravaganza
  • • Synth pop and underground electronica collide
  • • 700MB of loops, MIDI, hits and kits


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The worlds of indie rock, synth pop and underground electronica collide in Indie Pop across 700MB of loops, MIDI, hits and kits mashing house, techno and electro with post-punk and new wave influences. Packed with vintage drumbox beats, dirty live and metronomic synth bass, scuzzy guitars and retro 80s synths, Indie Pop delivers an indie-dance extravaganza with a distinctive DIY attitude.

All loops are tempo-synced at 115 or 123bpm and all loops are key-labeled where applicable.

Product details

Drum Loops > 80s rhythmbox beats and indie-dance stompers bursting with dancefloor attitude. 40 up-front beats offered in full, stripped, variant and perc-only versions for total flexibility.

Bass Loops > Dirty live bass licks and filth-dripping synth bass loaded with analogue warmth and stomp-pedal grit. Key-labeled throughout and electronic basses offered with MIDI variants.

Guitar Loops > Jangling 90s-inspired licks and scuzzy indie riffs amped up for instant inspiration. Key-Labeled throughout for convenience.

Inspiration Kits > 23 indie pop and synth disco song-starters to kick-start your creativity. Each key-labeled kit comes with a full mix with all associated stems broken out for full-song control. MIDI also provided for all melodic elements for added flexibility.

Synth Loops > From the anthemic to the atmospheric: sci-fi synth explorations, retro arpeggios, staccato leads and Casio-key pop riffs. Two tempo folders of melodic inspiration waiting to be mined. Served with MIDI as standard.

Percussion Loops > Drum machine hats and claps, live snares, percs, shakers and tombs combine across 30 groove-laden percussive layers. Pick the kick and roll...

FX > Circuit-bent one-shots, processed drum FX, 8-bit elements, weird descenders, lo-fi sweeps and more.

Drum Hits > 200+ kicks, claps, snares, percussion and hats layered and sculpted from a mix of vintage machines and classic live kits. Served with 5 custom-built kits and hit-type sampler patches.