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Kinetic Energy


Kinetic Energy


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Please note that this ReFill requires that you have the Synapse Antidote Rack Extension installed on your system.

Introducing Kinetic Energy - Nucleus SoundLab's follow-up to their first Reason ReFill for Synapse Audio's amazing Antidote Rack Extension. While Antimatter was focused on new-school pads and atmospheres, Kinetic Energy is focused on raw motion and movement.

Product details

Every patch in Kinetic Energy has a single goal - inspire you instantly. All 100 Combinator patches are cutting-edge sequences or arpeggios, perfect for song-starter material or just to bring an element of motion to your mix. Kinetic Energy offers everything from bubbling electro arps, deep chordal layers, eclectic synth harps, to heavily-crushed bass riffs.

Of course, as this is a Nucleus SoundLab product, you can expect the usual high-quality production of every patch. Each Combinator has unique rotary, button and modwheel destinations; Combinators are categorized across eight folders for easy access; Antidote patches that make up each Combinator are also available, including proper modwheel mapping; and all patches have been meticulously volume-balanced to fit into your mix instantly and not offend ears or blow monitors. All Combinators feature easy controls to turn sequences or arpeggios into standard leads/polys/basses playable overMIDI. Instant inspiration is only a few clicks away with Kinetic Energy.

  • 100 unique Combinators
  • 135 Antidote device patches
  • 1 demo song packed inside the ReFill
  • All Combinator rotaries/buttons/modwheel uniquely mapped
  • Patches designed by veteran Reason sound designers - Adam Fielding, Tom Pritchard and Jeremy Janzen
  • Requires: Antidote Rack Extension version 1.21 or higher