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Mercury VK-2 Expansion Pack


Mercury VK-2 Expansion Pack

  • • Raw Analog Character
  • • 92 Unique Patches
  • • Includes 13 Modular Combinators


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Packed to the brim with tonal character & Grit, Mercury VK-2 Expansion Pack delivers 92 unique patches highlighting the Blamsoft VK-2 Synthesizer’s versatility in sculpting inspiring tones for use in any modern or classic genres.

The Mercury VK-2 Expansion Pack ReFill contains a total of 92 patches including 25 Combinator ensembles 13 of which highlight the VK-2’s modular patching capabilities. This refill provides intriguing sounds that harken back to the days of Large Format Modular Systems, sounds that are loved and revered to this day.

Product details

Mercury VK-2 Expansion Pack is a collection of:
- 25 Unique Combinators
- 14 Deep & Textured bass patches
- 8 Unpredictable FX patches
- 5 Moody Key patches
- 15 Soaring Lead patches
- 13 Modular Synth patches
- 8 Beautiful Pad patches
- 6 Full bodied Poly patches
- 8 Rhythmic patches
- 2 Scene patches
- 4 Otherworldy Texture Patches

The patches contained within Mercury VK-2 Expansion Pack utilize subtle saturation , and creative use of the internal fx throughout the ReFill, delivering production ready patches that are immediately inspiring & playable.

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NOTE: This ReFill requires the Blamsoft VK-2 Rack Extension