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Combining the best of modular-sourced sounds and sequences with the dark, dirty sound of modern electro, Modular Electro is a boundary-breaking collection combining elements of eclectic techno and electronica. Dive into over 620MB of quirky squelching sequences, retro-inspired drums, full fat basses and more. With loops tempo-synced and key-labelled at 125 and 130bpm plus a large selection of custom kits and one-shots, instant genre-defining electro inspiration is just a few clicks away...

Product details

Music Loops > Raved-up mash-ups, dark and dirty song-starters, modular derived music loops, complete with drums. 41 music loop kits laced with high-quality processing. Stemmed out, key and tempo-labelled and served with MIDI as standard.

Drum Hits > Chunky kicks, layered hits, all-analogue shots, retro and vintage one-hits and more!. 190 brazen beat builders. Comes packed with folders of drum hits (kicks, snares, shakers, hats, percussion, and claps).

Drum Loops > 190 kick-heavy slammers, retro layered loops, rocking beats laced with vintage warmth, all offered in full, and stems for complete control and flexibility.

Top & Nu-Perc Loops > Layered hats and snares, electronic hits, crisp claps and percussion seamlessly fuse across 97 electro loops. Pick the kick and roll...

Synth Loops > Old skool techno, fusion electro and nu-rave melodics all performed and processed using high-quality vintage synths and modular kit. Key and tempo-labelled and served with MIDI as standard.

Modular Loops > Experty crafted and processed modular sequences. From glitchy and quirky to growly and gritty. Key and tempo-labelled and served with MIDI as standard.

Arps and Sequences > Dark, gritty and heavy; 52 arps and sequence loops will serve as the anchor to your track. Key and tempo-labelled and served with MIDI as standard.

FX Shots > quirky modulations, dirty noise, arcade game shots and more.

Synth Shots > From dark and dirty to fat and fuzzy. 60 synth one-shots sampled from various modular and analogue synth sources for high-quality samples.

FX Loops > Modular madness, de-sampled FX, sample and hold sequences, squeals, squelches, sweeps and more...