Synthwave 3

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Synthwave 3


Synthwave 3

  • • Retro melodics
  • • Futuristic analogue synths
  • • Vintage beats


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Retro melodics, futuristic analogue synths, vintage beats and neon nostalgia in this latest installation of our popular series. Synthwave 3 delivers 860MB of drum machine grooves, epic arpeggios, lush pads and emotive chords fusing action-packed soundtrack excursions and movie heaven.

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What's Inside

Drum Hits > The ultimate collectin of retro and synthwave hits! Over 550 drum hits from layered Linns, compressed Casios and gated Kawais, crispy hats, crunchy claps. All processed and resampled using classic gear like the Linn Drum LM2, Ensoniq EPS, and Oberheim DX, Akai MPC60 and E-MU SP1200. Tracked using high-quality mastering converters for a collection of pristine one-shots for your next retro inspired production.

Inspiration Loops > 30 folders of epic 80s song-starters. Each folder comes bursting with Tron-inspired melodics crafted from the finest vintage synths: Basslines, leads, keys, arps and more. All folders and files are key-labeled and tempo-synced for total ease. Supplied with MIDI for supreme melodic control.

Drum Loops > From crunchy to punchy, lo-fi to hi-def: 70 retro rhythms and power beats crafted from classic drum machines. Offered with all the usual stripped stems for complete beat control. Each drum loop is offered with stems making it a total of 200 loops for total control and freedom.

Synth Loops > Galactic leads, lush pads, sci-fi arps and power chords: 42 key-labeled loops oozing with analogue and retro nostalgia. Files are key-labelled throughout and MIDI to ensure maximum creative freedom..

Bass One Shots > Full and fat analog shots, retro blade runner style basses and vintage synth shots. 99 high-quality bass one-shots sourced from the best retro and vintage synths.

Chord One Shots > Juno and Jupiter poly synth shots, cosmic chords, glassy FM synths and more! 58 high-quality chord shots sourced from the best retro and vintage synths.

Drum Fills > Linn Drums toms, retro-styled grooves, loose and gated fills. These retro drum fills are the perfect processedd and panned tom fills to add dynamism to any drum pattern.

FX Loops > Future retro modulations, interstellar transmissions, lo-fi washes, delay-drenched elements and reverb resplendent hits.