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Vaporwave Collection


Vaporwave Collection


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SM113 - Vaporwave

Through a haze of processed synthesisers and cassette-tracked electronica comes Vaporwave - a post internet musical landscape brimming with lo-fi aesthetics and neon nostalgia. Flitting between Future Funk and Trap through to Synthwave and 80s, no expense was spared in recreating this unique genre. Get to grips with over 1.25GB of chunky Linn drum loops, dusty synth keys, layered arpeggiated bass-lines, resampled vocal grooves and gritty authentic textures in a uniquely modern style.

SM101 – Vaporwave Arps & Sequences

101 tape-soaked melodics from our best- selling Vaporwave series. Spread between 60 - 90bpm, this is the ultimate hazy melodic injection for dirty, degraded and neon-hued tracks. Make the most of crusty delay-processed arpeggios, wildly flanging sequences, soaring chorus melodics and detuned analogue freakouts!

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Download Contains:

155 x 24 bit Wav files
631 x Rex2 files
147 x MIDI files
3 x Custom Kits for Kong
4 x Sampler Formats for NN-XT