A-List Power Drummer


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A-List Power Drummer

  • • The energy of a skilled punk drummer
  • • The ease of use of a software instrument
  • • 30 styles/ 720 patterns / 5 drum kits

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In-your-face, raw and powerful, this is one A-List drummer that will kick your tunes into high gear.

As versatile and musical as a live drummer, as easy to use as a software instrument, A-List Power Drummer helps you quickly create driving, dynamic drum tracks. The drum kits were recorded with great attention to detail, preserving the presence from a great acoustical space in the sampled beats. If your music needs a vitamin injection, try a shot of A-List Power Drummer.

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Product details

Select your desired style and play your MIDI keyboard’s white keys for progressions through verses and chorus patterns, playing skill optional! Use the black keys to trigger intros, fills and stops. With the rhythm track in place, quickly dial in sound you want from A-list Power Drummer’s straightforward interface: choose your kit, set mic levels and add effects. Or simply use one of the many supplied presets.

Far more than static drum loops, these are actual rhythm tracks that will support your musical ideas just like a real drummer would. A-list Power Drummer delivers 30 styles of rhythm magic, covering punk and harder styles of rock, amounting to 720 rhythm patterns played on five distinct drum kits. With smart scripting driving the loop selection, A-List Power Drummer will play with your music, knowing where the downbeat is or adding fills that fit with the song structure.

Each drum kit is also available as a General MIDI compliant sampled kit to let you play your own grooves or add variations to the existing styles.

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