C1-Sigma Compressor

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C1-Sigma Compressor

  • • Stereo/mono audio signal dynamic range compressor
  • • Supports «parallel» compression and Mid/Side mode


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C1-SIGMA is a stripped-down version of the C1-L1 VINTAGE COMPRESSOR

C1-Sigma is stereo and mono audio signal dynamic range compressor. C1-Sigma compressor has distinctive sound allowing its usage not only for technical purpose of dynamic range compression but also for artistic sound coloration. C1-Sigma compressor besides main dynamic range compression module also contains limiting module, which allows controlling peaks passing through the compressor, also supports «parallel» compression and M/S operational mode.

Product details

When control signal reaches threshold the compressor C1-SIGMA starts gain reduction very slowly thus most attack of the signal passes through (effect transient shaping). The curve of signal level change in this mode is similar to σ-function and due to that this attack mode is also called «sigmoid». C1-Sigma compressor is not an emulation of any hardware or software compressor. But due to their the sigmoid attack mode of audible results can be compared with the compressor Neve 33609 (on drum buss).


C1-SIGMA is a stripped-down version of the C1-L1 VINTAGE COMPRESSOR http://shop.propellerheads.se/product/c1-l1-vintage-compressor/

FEATURES: - Attack mode «sigma» - Saturation mode: «ratio» - Softness of compressor characteristics control - 7 operation modes: mono; double mono; mono with external side chain signal; mid channel; side channel; M/S; linked stereo. - Pre or Post Limiter - Internal Dithering - Parallel compression. - 4x oversampling and 64 bit floating point processing - External side chain - Gain Reduction CV Output


New in 1.1.1: - Default control positions bug fixed; - Sidechain false 'silence'-detection and respective 'crackles' bug fixed.