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CVA-7 CV Analyzer


CV Analyzer

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CVA-7 CV Analyzer

  • • Analyze CV: graph, keyboard, numeric displays
  • • Freeze time for detailed analysis
  • • Convert CV: Unipolar, Bipolar, Inverse (x4)


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In depth CV analysis!

The pongasoft CVA-7 device is a 2U FREE utility that lets you analyze a CV signal in various ways. It can also act as a CV Spider Splitter on steroids (converts the input signal into an inverse, unipolar or bipolar signal).

  • Analyze and interpret an incoming CV signal with graph, keyboard and numeric displays
  • Freeze time for detailed analysis
  • Easily convert an incoming signal into its inverse, unipolar or bipolar version (up to 4 outputs)
  • Use AUX OUT CVs for controlling other devices in a creative way

Product details


Check the documentation for instructions about how to use the device.

Examples of usage

  • Unsure about what CV signal is produced by a device? Simply connect it to CV IN and zoom out to get a better sense of the shape of the signal.

  • Having issues with some CV values? Simply connect it to CV IN and freeze the display to do a detailed analysis on the signal. Zoom and scroll to locate the problem. Toggle the numeric displays to RAW to check the internal value.

  • Want to convert a CV signal from Unipolar to Bipolar? Simply connect it to CV IN and connect one of the 4 CV OUT to your device and select BIPOLAR.

Release Notes

  • 1.0.0 - 2016/11/30: First release