DEG-2 Dual Envelope Generator


Audio to CV-envelope

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DEG-2 Dual Envelope Generator

  • • Offers 15 ways to generate stereo envelope
  • • High accuracy (up to 20 microseconds)
  • • Convert audio to CV

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DEG-2 is a device with 2 independent envelope generators. It offers 5 ways to generate envelope (15 ways for stereo input). You an easily tweak the result with in realtime.

Product details


DEG-2 counts an average value of audio amplitude and presents it as a CV. It allows you to control parameters on live performances via measuring level, which brings some nice and warm chaos, mostly suitable for Ambient music and it's subgenres. But there are no limitations for a genuine user - craft your own auto-compressor, self-evolving guitar or rhodes piano tremolo or even noise gate - quite anything, even your own vocoder.


  • 5 algorithms for generators:

    1. average of negative phase only

    2. average of positive phase only

    3. average of both phases (inverted negative phase)

    4. average of maximum (both phases)

    5. average of minimum (both phases)

  • 3 source types:

    1. left channel only (mono)

    2. stereo

    3. right channel only (mono)

  • autorouting (passthru output)

  • fully automatable and remotable (mode, output CV scale, source, attack, release)

  • high accuracy for attack/release (up to 20/50 microseconds for attack/release)

  • the result is easily tweakable with DVC-1