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Efektor CH3604 Chorus


Chorus FX Engine

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Efektor CH3604 Chorus

  • • 3 types of lush sounding choruses
  • • Modeled from classic pedal FXs
  • • Authentic analog sounding


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Compatible with:

From Classic to Vast Spectrum Chorusing Effect

Product details

KUASSA EFEKTOR is a new line of plug-ins which consists of several of most requested effect units. Recognizable from its doubling effect found on many classic effect pedals, this type of effects are also known as a standard built-in effect from gears such as the Jazz Chorus amp and also the Juno synthesizer. Choose your favourite chorus sound from these three types:

  1. Dimension Chorus: add thickness, 3 dimensional depth and width from true analog circuit modeling
  2. Ensemble Chorus: a true classic chorusing effect with great tone. soft, deep, and rich
  3. Tribunal Chorus: big spectrum creates rich soundscapes in stereo. The sounds of multiple modulations combined together

KEY FEATURES: - Three models of modulation in every unit. - A/B compare buttons. - BPM Sync. - Mono or stereo mode.