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Holedo Tube Expander


Tube Downward Expander

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Holedo Tube Expander


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Be the control: Downward Dynamics Expansion at your fingertips!

Product details

Dynamics Expanders are the key in order to carefully process your drums, guitar, vocals and so on. Furthermore, they are precious tools in your mastering decks. ‪‎Holedo‬ lets you add flavor, warm up your signal and so get rid of the unnecessary stuff, or maybe lower it if you are a little bit indulgent! The perfect companion for DynaRage, definitely a must-have in your Rack Extensions arsenal!

Features at a glance:

  • Sensitivity for Envelope Detector
  • Fully Adjustable Attack and Release
  • Expansion Ratio between 1:1 and 20:1 (fixed to infinite:1 when in Gate Mode)
  • Soft/Hard Knee selector
  • Expander/Gate mode
  • Sidechain Audio Input (w/ Key Listen button)
  • RAGE™ Tube Analogue Modeled Distortion real linear and non-linear waveshaping
  • Left and Right Channels Gain Expansion Hi-Tech VU-Meters
  • Gain Expansion CV Output