Janitor CV Shaper

Lectric Panda LLC

CV Modifier

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Janitor CV Shaper

  • • CV Shaper
  • • Input and output scope
  • • Attack and decay


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Janitor CV Shaper is a elegant and minimal way to modify your CV signals and get them sounding how you need them. It contains two independent CV shaper units, each with a visual input and output scope.

Product details

  • Scale Expand or contract the input signal.
  • Offset Add or subtract base CV level.
  • Attack Increase the time it takes for a signal to rise.
  • Decay Increases the time it takes for a signal to fall.

  • All controllers can be modulated in the back via CV inputs.

  • The Offset controller can double as a parameter automation to CV converter.
  • Offset parameter is stepped to allow easy CV note transposition.
  • Each unit has 4 CV outputs, one inverted.

Janitor CV Shaper Operation Manual