Nautilus Bass Synthesizer


Waveshaping Bass Synth

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Nautilus Bass Synthesizer

  • • Free Bass Synth


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Nautilus 1 is now a free device. Check out Nautilus 2 in the shop!

The Nautilus Bass Synthesizer is a mono/poly subtractive synthesizer.

3 oscillators: Saw, Square, Sine.

Each oscillator is followed by their own waveshaper, with each waveshaper having their own Pre/Post setting for the filter routing. That allows for the filter section to be routed before the waveshaper on one oscillator, but after the waveshaper on another. Nautilus wants to be tweaked!

Product details


New design.

Mono Retrig (Turn off for legacy mode)

Audible phase changes.

Random phase option for all oscillators.

Three oscillators with their own Tune, Pitch LFO, Phase, Shape, Volume and Pan controls.

Random Phase On/Off switch.

Mono/Poly Switch (Eight Voices)

LP24 Filter.

2 x ADSR + velocity for filter and amp.

Glide Control.

Bend Range Control.

Master Octave.

Master Volume.

Master Compressor On/Off


Fixed loud patch

Added 14 patches