Psyclone Dual Rotary Speaker

Jiggery-Pokery Sound

A Proper Whirligig!

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Psyclone Dual Rotary Speaker

  • • Dual or Single Rotor
  • • Combined Speed/Brake Control
  • • Spins you right round like a record, baby


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Inspired by the highly regarded rotary speaker simulation we created for our Combo B3T organ instrument, by popular demand we now present it as a dedicated effect with several enhancements.

Product details

Psyclone makes it easy for you to control and shape the rotary sound of your dreams, whether it’s changing amp types and adding more distortion, reducing the chorusing or reverb, or quickly turning the dual rotors into a single rotor setup, which is essential for emulating certain smaller rotary speakers such as the Leslie 125 or Fender Vibratone.

The main controls for the rotors and amp are on the front panel. An additional “Advanced Cabinet” page with extra chorus adjustments are discretely hidden behind the speaker grille.

A number of presets are available from the patch selector for both dual and single rotor setups. Single rotors are ideal for the transistor organs of our wonderful Combo range of Rack Extensions. But Psyclone is not only for organs and synths, we have included patches designed for guitars and pianos too!


  • Off/Run switch to disable all the rotary functions while leaving the amp circuits operating

  • The all-in-one Slow/Brake/Fast control enables the user to switch speed or stop the rotation from a single controller. Available as a stored property for patches, this control can also be mapped quickly to a modulation wheel by switching it to "Mod Wheel Mode", ideal for Combinator-izing with an instrument for enhanced performance

  • Easily disable the rotation of the bass or treble rotors, or adjust the speed of the rotors based on the standard pulley ratios

  • Adjust the acceleration/deceleration speed of the rotors

  • Turn the traditional 800Hz crossover off entirely to quickly convert the dual rotor to single rotor operation

  • Adjust the balance, stereo width and distance of the virtual microphones

  • Additional advanced features provide tweaking of several tonal qualities

  • Improved amp modelling over the original Combo B3T setup

  • 25 lovely presets covering setups for big Leslie-style sounds, single rotaries for our classic transistor organ range, plus patches designed for guitars, and even piano!

  • Don't forget your Psyclone user guide is available from the Documents section opposite ---->