Repeat Looper

Ochen K.

Live Looper

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Repeat Looper


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Repeat is a 4-channel, real-time, live-looper that allows you to record, loop, mix, and arrange audio all in real time. Infinitely bounce and merge audio channels, route each channel through its own effects, and sync multiple Repeats together to expand the channel count.

Product details

Ever wanted to beatbox a symphony? Quadruple-track a guitar lick live on stage? Instantly sing your own harmonies? Now you can without ever leaving the Reason rack. Repeat is a 4-channel, real-time, live-looper for Reason.


  • Three modes to set loop length: 1) Reason sequencer sync; 2) Independent tap tempo; and 3) First-loop
  • Record on any or all channels as once
  • Independent volumes on each channel
  • Mute each channel
  • Clear each channel
  • Two master aux sends from each channel
  • Bounce and/or merge any number of channels to any other channels
  • Audio in meter
  • Master audio meter out
  • Master volume
  • Master stereo out merging all audio channels and audio in
  • Individual stereo outs for each channel
  • Individual stereo out for incoming audio not recorded to channels
  • Sync loop triggers between multiple Repeats
  • Fully Remote and automation enabled


Version 1.0.1 Update


  • Fixed issue with Repeat going out of sync with the sequencer.