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RYM2612 Iconic FM Synthesizer


FM Soundchip Emulation

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RYM2612 Iconic FM Synthesizer

  • • Faithful emulation of the YM2612 FM soundchip
  • • Extended capabilities
  • • Intuitive workflow


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RYM2612 Iconic FM Synthesizer is an emulation of the Yamaha YM2612 soundchip, best known for being the vibrant voice of the Sega Genesis/Megadrive videogame console.

Product details

Not many people were aware of this, but unlike other videogame consoles, the Sega Genesis/Megadrive had a complete FM synth onboard. A synth that provided enough features to produce complex, evolving tones, as well as crazy sound effects and PCM samples playback. This is your chance to get your hands on this altered beast, combined with the rich control and modulation possibilities offered by Reason.

NEW! Meet RYMCast, the perfect companion app for the RYM2612. RYMCast is a free Genesis VGM music player that allows to export synth patches directly from your favorite Genesis music tracks to your Reason rack, with a simple drag & drop.

Feel the FM vibe for your retro and modern needs, with a lively and authentic tone, taking the RYM2612 Iconic FM Synthesizer as a bonus weapon in your synth arsenal. But don't take our word for it! Go and try it!

Sega and Yamaha brand names are trademark of their respective owners. This product is in no way affiliated with these companies.


  • Cycle-accurate emulation of the YM2612 FM soundchip
  • Genuinely reproduces the unique and characteristic sound of its hardware counterpart (digital saturation, huge feedback amount, natural distortion, ...)
  • Audio input for adding 8bit PCM sweetness to any signal
  • Low CPU usage, use plenty of instances!
  • Switchable output filtering and ladder effect
  • A couple of limitations from the soundchip have been taken away : up to 16 voices of polyphony, dedicated PCM channel (you can of course stick to 6 simultaneous voices if you want to experience the real thing).