Tick Tick Step Sequencer

Josh Levy

Step Sequencer

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Tick Tick Step Sequencer

  • • polyphonic button-style step sequencer
  • • control your BOOM 808 and other Reason drums
  • • Chain multiple Tick Tick units together

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Tick Tick is a polyphonic button-style step sequencer designed to control your BOOM 808 Percussion Synth as well as other Reason drum machines, and monophonically send notes to other Reason synthesizers and devices.

Chain multiple Tick Tick units together, each with its own pattern, to create complex combinations, and even entire songs.

Tick Tick includes a full beat pack by Reason Refill maker -008'. Also included are contributed demo beats, combis, and over 1,500 scales and modes.

Product details

Designed to work perfectly with BOOM 808 Percussion Synth (as well as other Reason instruments), Tick Tick is an updated take on button-style step sequencing.

Features: • 16 note polyphonic step sequencer, with editable names and assignable midi notes • up to 32 steps per pattern, from whole notes to 1/128th notes • shuffle control • forward, reverse, pendulum and random repeat modes • two velocity levels • chain multiple units together to create whole songs or complex patterns • automation and cv control for starting and stopping • individual cv outs for each instrument • massive beat pack by -oo8’ • more than 1,500 scale and mode patches for use as a note sequencer or arpeggiator • run and stop controls for previewing Tick Tick patterns

"Tick Tick is a great sequencer to compliment the Boom RE. I really like seeing all 16 channels at once, and the preset scales are awesome for making very musical patterns!" -- Hip hop and rap musician and Reason refill maker -oo8

Download product manual at www.reasonsync.com/TickTick_user_manual.pdf

Version history:

1.02: - cosmetic bug fixes

1.0.1: - fixed minor chain bug