VO-1 Viking Oscillator

Blamsoft, Inc.

Analog Oscillator

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VO-1 Viking Oscillator

  • • Create your own modular synth!


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VO-1 Viking Oscillator is an analog-modeled oscillator capable of producing classic analog sounds. It has two adjustable wave oscillators and a noise oscillator with classic or white noise. VO-1 gives you all of the oscillator features from the VK-1 Viking Synthesizer.

Product details

VO-1 is typically used as an audio oscillator, but can also create LFOs when the oscillators are switched to low frequency mode. The oscillator algorithm was carefully tuned to match a high-end analog synth.

VO-1 has eight outputs supporting eight channel PolyCV and one Mono output. Audio outputs are available so that VO-1 can be used in a polyphonic synthesizer. CV outputs are available so that VO-1 can act as an LFO.

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