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Audio to CV

Uberwave, LLC

CV Envelope Generator

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Audio to CV

  • • 2-in-1 envelope utility for creativity and mixing
  • • Configurable envelope follower
  • • Attack-triggered AHD envelope generator


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«Audio to CV» is the easiest way to convert audio signal to Control Voltage (CV). This device allows you to filter the incoming signal and get the output as a continuous or pulsed CV.

Product details

Simple but functional

«Audio to CV» is made as simple as possible, but at the same time it’s functional. You get a CV from any kind of the audio signal, and then you can send it to other devices. In other words it’s a some kind of the «Auto CV». Leonardo da Vinci said once: «Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication», the same thing could be said about the «Audio to CV».


An incoming audio signal can be easily filtered by low pass and high pass filters (Input Filter). Additionally, you can use the «Min Lvl» and «Max Lvl» knobs to set the volume level range or the «Sensitivity» knob to set the minimum volume level (with a specially programmed smoothing). Further transformations depend on the mode you choose.


This mode helps you get a CV completely determined by the level of the incoming audio signal (the relationship can be direct or indirect depending on the «Min Lvl» and «Max Lvl» knobs value). In other words, there is a generated CV at the output as long as there is a sound at the input. You can also use the «Smooth» knob to avoid CV interruptions caused by random gaps in the audio signal.


This mode allows you to get a pulse CV of the predetermined type and duration each time, when the incoming audio signal reaches a required threshold. Depending on the optional settings (Envelope), the CV acquires some other necessary parameters, such as Attack, Hold and Decay. You can also sync these parameters to song measure intervals by switching on the «Sync» toggle. Additionally, you can invert the CV by the «Invert» toggle switch.


  • Filter preview to "Pass thru" output
  • 4 invertible CV outputs for Follower and Generator
  • Other small fixes and optimization