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HP/LP Filter

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  • • Awesome LP+HP filter with slopes up to 96 dB/oct

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D-Filter is an extremely functional and easy-to-use 2-in-1 lowpass and highpass filter module. It can be used both as a high quality filter for mixing and as a creative FX. Sound excellence is achieved through internal 2x oversampling and 64 bit floating point processing. Awesome "Dual" knob which controls both lowpass and highpass cutoff frequencies included!

Product details

Appreciate great sound and excellent functionality of the new D-Filter, the only filter in Reason that works in 5 slope modes up to 192 dB/oct! Outstanding master frequency "Dual" knob and intuitive indicator panel are making adjustments simpler than ever. In addition you can use filter resonance and optional internal overdrive to make your sound really creative.


  • Band pass and band stop modes
  • Master frequency control ("Dual" knob)
  • Adjustable slope : 12/24/48/96/192 dB per octave modes
  • Adjustable resonance
  • Optional analog-modeling filter overdrive
  • Optional output limiter
  • CV inputs for all parameters
  • Intuitive indication
  • Internal 2x oversampling and 64 bit floating point processing
  • HQ/LQ modes

VERSION 1.0.3 INFO: Quality mode selection implemented (HQ/LQ). HQ is default mode (D-Filter works like in previous versions). You can switch D-Filter to LQ mode by clicking on special "HQ" button on back of the module. LQ mode disables oversampling, so, CPU will be used in economy mode.